Alex Jones shocked his attorney sent Sandy Hook parents’ lawyers contents of his phone

BREAKING: ‘This is your Perry Mason moment’: Alex Jones is stunned to discover his lawyers accidentally sent Sandy Hook parents’ attorneys contents of his phone which reveal he has PERJURED himself in defamation trial and is lying about being broke

Alex Jones was astounded to discover that his lawyers had handed over dozens of emails from his phone to Sandy Hook parent’s attorneys by mistake – revealing he is lying about being broke.

The InfoWars host was horrified that his team sent a digital copy of every text and email about Sandy Hook, despite declaring under oath that they didn’t exist at his $150million defamation trial.

An attorney for Sandy Hook parents has revealed that they received the information 12 days ago, spanning years.

Jones’s lawyers called it their ‘Perry Mason’ moment during the trial, with Jones being accused of perjuring himself.

Judge Maya Guerra Gamble instructed the jury that the entire contents of the phone was ‘not properly turned over when it should have been’.

The messages also reveals that InfoWars was making $800,00 a day in 2018, with the Sandy Hook parents lawyer adding ‘After your platforming, your numbers keep getting better.’

His main company, Free Speech Systems, filed for bankruptcy on Friday, midway through his two week trial.

It is to determine how much the conspiracy theorist will have to pay the parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim, in Austin, Texas.


This is a developing story. 


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