Australian energy company Electricityinabox begs customers to leave before major price hike

Australian energy company begs customers to leave before major price hike that will see power prices surge by 95 per cent

An Australian energy company has taken the bizarre step of telling it’s customers to change providers and get their power from somewhere else.

Electricityinabox warned their prices are set to go up by 95 per cent by July 1 and that only the ‘lazy or crazy’ would stay.

CEO Morgan Duncan begged his loyal customers in a letter to make the switch as soon as possible and insisting the unorthodox statement was ‘not a scam’.

‘We need you to switch electricity providers. The sooner you do, the better chance you have of finding a good deal,’ he says.

‘Other retailers have purchased energy a long time ago at a much lower cost and can still offer you a hot deal. Time and their spare capacity for customers may be running out.

‘We recommend you switch to a better deal today as switching is not always immediate. In some parts of Australia it can take well over a month. Act now to avoid the price hikes.’

With Australia locked in the midst of an energy crisis which has sent prices soaring, the small retailer is now the sixth energy firm to insist its customers go elsewhere joining ReAmped, LPE, Discover, Elysian and Future X. 


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