Council slammed for checking residents’ garbage bins and attaching ‘creepy’ tags for wrong rubbish

Council is slammed for checking what’s in residents’ garbage bins and attaching ‘creepy’ tags to them if the contents aren’t up to scratch

A suburban council has been slammed for their overzealous approach to weekly rubbish collections. 

City of Glen Eira Council, in Melbourne’s south-east, has been accused of being a ‘bit creepy’ after opting to add tags to some trash cans if locals have placed garbage in the wrong bins.  

Taking to Facebook, one man felt the introduction of tags on street bins was excessive and an invasion of privacy.     

‘Found this (tags) on all the bins in my street this morning. Anyone else find this a tad creepy?’ he posted on a community group page.

The tags which appear on City of Glen Eira council bins, reminding residents which ones to use

Some residents in Melbourne's south-east found the bins tags (pictured) unnecessary and 'creepy'

Some residents in Melbourne’s south-east found the bins tags (pictured) unnecessary and ‘creepy’

‘Creepy and weird. It’s like the garbage grinch has been crawling around our bins in the middle of the night making sure we’ve all been good little girls and boys.’ 

Many residents agreed and noted their rubbish had been closely analysed before being taken away in a truck. 

Another local who weighed into the chat on social media wondered how much the council ‘taggers’ were getting paid.     

‘Whose job is this and how do I get one? Imagine the money these people are on doing this at all hours of the night,’ one wrote.

A small minority of people did praise the council for being thorough. 

‘I think it’s great initiative as we all need to be kept on our toes,’ one comment read. 

‘Not sure how this is creepy. They (council) are trying to educate you on waste collection. Would be creepy if it were advertising for a café or something completely unrelated,’ another said.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the City of Glen Eira Council for comment.


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