Daniel Andrews introduces a LAW for schools to teach students about white colonisation

Daniel Andrews introduces a LAW instructing schools to teach students about the ‘trauma’ of white colonisation and to mark the day Kevin Rudd said sorry to the Stolen Generation

Schools will teach kids about the ‘significant trauma’ of white colonisation, commemorate ‘Sorry Day’ and fly the Aboriginal flag under new laws in Victoria. 

Premier Dan Andrews said he expected every school to adopt the reconciliation initiatives and that every year level would take part. 

‘Being reconciled is just that. You can’t be reconciled if you’re not prepared to acknowledge some pretty awful stuff that happened in the past,’ Mr Andrews said on Tuesday.

‘It’s about making sure that everybody feels equal, everybody feels included and everybody feels safe.’

‘I think it might be the whole school and I don’t see anything wrong with that.’ 

Under new Victorian laws backed by Dan Andrews (pictured) schoolchildren of all year levels would take part in reconciliation activities such as commemorating ‘Sorry Day’

Victorian Opposition leader Matthew Guy said it was important for kids to learn about history but it must be done carefully not to create division in children. 

‘It is important that they do learn lessons of fact from the past, but that is done respectfully,’ he said.

‘When it involves kids, we’ve got to make sure that we’re not pitting one against the other.’

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