Diplomats who suffered from mysterious ‘Havana syndrome’ to receive six-figure payouts from U.S.

BREAKING: Diplomats and intelligence officers who suffered from mysterious ‘Havana syndrome’ while serving in Cuba are to receive six-figure payouts from U.S

United States diplomats and intelligence officers said to be suffering from the mysterious Havana Syndrome will receive six-figure payouts from the federal government, it has been revealed.

The payouts for the stricken officials, ordered by the Biden Administration will range between $100,000 and $200,000 to each recipient, according to a Wall Street Journal report that outlined the compensation plan.

Symptoms for the mysterious condition – which first surfaced among staffers at the US embassy in Havana in 2016 and has since afflicted hundreds of Americans around the world – include headaches, tinnitus, memory loss and nausea. 

The syndrome first surfaced at the US embassy in Havana, when government employees suddenly found themselves afflicted with the mysterious malady

The leading theory behind the cause of the suddenly surfaced syndrome starts with a device that scientists say Russia could have invented during the Cold War, which was later used to spy on US embassies by collecting data from laptops and cell phones.

However, experts now theorize that a hostile country – like Russia or China – may have turned this microwave technology into a weapon.

Both countries deny any involvement in any of the incidents relating to the mysterious syndrome.

Alleged Havana Syndrome attacks on American spies and diplomats continue to grow across the world

Alleged Havana Syndrome attacks on American spies and diplomats continue to grow across the world

Following the original cluster of cases in Cuba, US diplomats and spies around the world have been struck by the strange affliction, which is characterized by the sudden onset of headaches, nausea, and vertigo, sometimes followed by lingering symptoms and documented brain injury. 

What is ‘Havana Syndrome’?

The problem has been labelled the ‘Havana Syndrome,’ because the first cases affected personnel in 2016 at the US embassy in Cuba.

At least 130 cases across the government are now under investigation, up from several dozen last year, according to a US defence official who was not authorised to discuss details publicly. The National Security Council is leading the investigation.

People who are believed to have been affected have reported headaches, dizziness and symptoms consistent with concussions, with some requiring months of medical treatment. Some have reported hearing a loud noise before the sudden onset of symptoms.

Investigators believe there are at least four cases involving Trump White House officials.

Advocates for those affected accuse the US government of failing to take the problem seriously or provide the necessary medical care and benefits.

US senators said the government is investigating an apparent increase in the mysterious directed-energy attacks.

Symptoms include;

-hearing loss

-severe headaches 


-brain injury

The White House has only just recently taken measures to help Havana Syndrome sufferers, after previous president chalked up the emerging cases as mass psychosis.

This past week, President Biden took a different approach to dealing with the effects of the mysterious illness, and signed a new law into effect – the Havana Act – that will allow diplomats and other federal officials suffering from traumatic neurological or brain injuries to be compensated by the government. 

According to the Biden Administration, this new program will foot the bill for medical costs dealing with conditions that the intelligence community has yet to figure out, and launched by assailants it may not yet be able to identify.

Sufferers will also be offered blood tests to try and establish a baseline, and see if there is any pattern in how the condition affects sufferers.  

The emergence of the new program comes as hard evidence for the strange syndrome has been incredibly hard to come by – causing many to be skeptical.

One medical sociology expert, Dr Robert Bartholomew, is so convinced the illness is a case of mass delusion, he co-authored a book titled Havana Syndrome: Mass Psychogenic Illness and the Real Story Behind the Embassy Mystery and Hysteria. 

‘There is more evidence for Bigfoot than there is for Havana Syndrome,’ the US expatriate who is based at the University of Auckland, told Daily Mail Australia. 

‘The evidence overwhelmingly points to mass hysteria, or as it is commonly referred to by scientists – mass psychogenic illness. Havana Syndrome is a result of incompetent government officials and bad science. I would go so far as to rename it Havana Syndrome Delusion – the absurd belief, in the wake of persistent evidence to the contrary, that diplomats are being targeted with an energy weapon.’

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