Driver ‘confused’ by cars parked in different directions is warned he’ll cop a fine

Driver ‘confused’ by lines of cars parked in different directions is warned he’ll cop a fine by motorists who’ve suffered the same fate

A driver sparked confusion online after sharing a photo of cars parked in several different directions on the same street.

Joe Yeung posted the image to a Melbourne Facebook group on Wednesday sharing his confusion on which way he should park.

‘What is the right direction? So confusing,’ he captioned the post.

Joe Yeung shared a photo (pictured) of cars parking in different directions on a street, sparking online debate

Viewers were quick to answer Joe’s question, writing that vehicles must park in the same direction traffic travels or risk a fine.

‘You’re supposed to park in the same direction as traffic,’ one commenter answered.

‘Yep I got a parking fine 20 years ago for not doing it,’ another replied to the same comment.

One commenter shared his previous experience having a debate on the topic.

‘I did argue with someone once about this very thing. I pointed out it doesn’t matter which way you are facing, you are still facing incoming traffic,’ they joked.

‘Left them speechless for about five minutes.’


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