Fiery five-vehicle collision at LA intersection kills six people – including infant and unborn child

BREAKING: Fiery five-vehicle collision at Los Angeles intersection kills six people – including infant and unborn child – and injures seven others after driver runs red light

Six people including an infant, a pregnant woman and her unborn child have been killed in Los Angeles after a car ran a red light and smashed into oncoming traffic.

California Highway Patrol told ABC 7 that a Mercedes coupe ignored the red light and hit multiple vehicles. 

The vehicles crashed into a gas station at the intersection at around 1:40pm on Thursday, injuring a further seven.

Three of the vehicles burst into flames following the crash. 

The accident happened at the corner of South La Brea Avenue and Slauson Avenue. 

Police were called at 1:40pm on Thursday to a car crash in the Windsor Hills area of Los Angeles

Video shared on social media showed the vehicles ablaze.

Photos showed the burnt-out hulls of the vehicles. 

Two of the burned cars came to a stop under a fuel station sign. 

Another appeared to have rolled onto its roof near the gas station entrance.

‘Those two right there exploded, just fire everywhere,’ a witness told NBC 4. 


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