Mackay man sentenced to 15 months jail for indecent treatment against stepdaughter

How an evil stepdad who sexually abused his stepdaughter was FINALLY caught – despite the little girl’s desperate plea for help: ‘Even my own mother didn’t believe me’

A stepfather has admitted to sexually assaulting his ex-wife’s daughter from when she was 12 years old, after the victim secretly recorded his confession.

The 47-year-old man from Mackay in Queensland pleaded guilty to indecent treatment at Mackay District Court and was sentenced to 15 months jail, according to The Courier Mail.

The victim recalled her trauma in an impact statement, saying, ‘I will not let what he did to me haunt me for the rest of my life’.

‘Nobody believed me and believed what I had gone through. Even my own mother didn’t believe me.’

A stepfather had admitted to indecently assaulting his ex-wife’s daughter when she was a young teenager after she secretly recorded him confessing to his crimes (stock image) 

Her former stepfather assaulted her from when she was just 12 years old in mid-2013.

The prosecution claimed in the first instance he stripped naked and joined his stepdaughter in the shower at his former Mackay residence.

When she exited the shower and left the bathroom, he reportedly called her back into the bathroom to get him a towel as he stood naked in front of her.

A day after the shower incident, he touched his stepdaughter’s genitals while she was doing the splits in her sister’s room, the court heard.

The series of assaults continued, taking a toll on the girl’s physical and mental health during her teenage years.

She ‘found it difficult to concentrate’ when she was at school because she had anxiety about going home.

She divulged details of the abuse to a school counsellor who noticed the girl had  begun to self harm.

In 2015, the girl’s mother was contacted by the counsellor and police but thought her daughter was lying.

The victim was forced to withdraw the allegations ‘under the direction of her mother,’ Crown prosecutor Caitlin Penfold claimed.

The girl explained in her impact statement that she felt she ‘couldn’t talk to anyone at home’ about the assaults and the abuse made her feel compelled to act out to ‘unload the emotional burden’.

She said her mother had called her a ‘troublemaker’ due to her consequent behaviour and ‘threatened’ to put her into foster care. 

The mother later split with the stepfather and started a relationship with another man. 

She left both of her daughters in the care of the stepfather between 2015 and 2017.

The 47-year-old man from Mackay in Queensland fronted Mackay District Court (pictured) and was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment

The 47-year-old man from Mackay in Queensland fronted Mackay District Court (pictured) and was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment

The victim said she felt ‘abandoned’ by this decision and revealed her mental health rapidly deteriorated during the years she was in his care.

In 2021, she made the decision to speak to her stepfather over the phone to try and get a confession about the abuse while her boyfriend secretly recorded the conversation, the court heard.

The prosecution claimed the stepfather admitted to the years of abuse and ‘apologised for touching her and messing up her life’.

He told her he’d ‘never do it again’ and the she was the only person he had done it to.

He later admitted his assaults to the girl’s mother. 

The man then handed himself into police, where he was arrested and charged.

Judge Tony Moynihan said the abuse by the 47-year-old was a ‘gross breach of trust’.

He was sentenced him to 15 months jail, suspended for two years after serving three months.


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