Pfizer confirms it will ‘ramp up’ its delivery of Covid vaccines to Australia

Pfizer confirms it will ‘ramp up’ its delivery of Covid vaccines to Australia as Sydney’s outbreak swells to 439 cases

Pfizer has confirmed it will ‘ramp up’ its delivery of vaccines to Australia as Sydney’s outbreak grows to 439 cases.  

The company has agreed to deliver at least a million vaccines a week from July 19, meaning more than 4.5million jabs will arrive in August.

Previously only three million doses were expected in August and 4.5million were due in September. 

Shoppers make a purchase at a local fish market along Chapel Road in Bankstown in western Sydney as lockdown entered its fourteenth day

The total number delivered to Australia in 2021 will remain at 40 million, as agreed in April. Pfizer is simply sending the shipments earlier.

The company said in a statement: ‘Pfizer is committed to delivering 40 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine to Australia over 2021. 

‘The total number of 40 million doses we are contracted to deliver to Australia over 2021 has not changed. We continue to work closely with the Government to support the ramp up of their rollout program.

‘While the details of our agreement with the Government are confidential, we can confirm that deliveries to Australia remain on track, and we continue to update our weekly delivery schedule in line with the ramp up. 

‘We expect the remainder of the 40 million doses to be delivered by the end of 2021’. 

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister told Daily Mail Australia: ‘From 19 July, Australia’s Pfizer supply now plans to increase to approximately 1million doses per week. 

‘This is compared to an average of 300,000 to 350,000 per week in May and June. 

‘Due to the nature of pandemic vaccine supply these numbers are subject to change and will be confirmed closer to the delivery date.’   

People line up at the mass vaccination hub at Olympic Park in Sydney, New South Wales

People line up at the mass vaccination hub at Olympic Park in Sydney, New South Wales

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said more vaccines were needed to get Sydney out of lockdown.

‘We need to have zero people who have been infectious in the community,’ she said in her press conference on Friday.  

‘New South Wales, in fact no state or nation or any country on the planet, can live with the Delta variant when our vaccination rates are so low.

‘So please, do not think that the New South Wales government thinks we can live with this when our rate of vaccination is only at 9 per cent. 

‘Because if we chose to live with this while the rates of vaccinations are at 9 per cent, we will see thousands and thousands of hospitalisations and death.’ 

She added: ‘At the beginning of the pandemic New South Wales quadrupled its capacity to hospitalise people who might need ICU or need to be in hospital because of Covid so the capacity is there but I don’t want us to have to go to it. I don’t want to subject thousands of people to that scenario. It is not a pretty picture.’ 

Mr Morrison has supported locking down Sydney until new local Covid cases are eliminated.

How to claim the $500 lockdown payment if you lose work 

Sydney residents who lose more than 20 hours of work a week can claim a weekly $500 disaster payment from the federal government, and those who lose less than 20 hours can claim $325.

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet asked Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to reinstate JobKeeper but he refused.

‘We are providing the same support to New South Wales in this lockdown as we did to Victoria just weeks ago,’ Mr Frydenberg said. 

To claim the cash you’ll need a Centrelink online account linked to your myGov. It’s easy to set these up.

Once you’re logged in, you will be asked a few questions about your situation to see if you’re eligible.

Officials need to know if you lived or worked in a Covid-19 hotspot that’s under lockdown or restricted movement.

Once you’ve completed your claim, hit submit and officials will process it for you.

You don’t need to call them, they’ll send you an SMS when you successfully submit your claim.

If you are eligible, officials will make a payment into your bank account and send you a letter with the details.

For more information click here 

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