Sydney train electronic platform signs explained: capacity, time, and stop information

Commuters are stunned as TikToker reveals little-known detail about Sydney trains: ‘How have I never known this’

A savvy Sydney commuter has shared what a confusing colour chart on train signs mean.

Famous ‘Places in Sydney’ TikToker Adrian Widjonarko said a colour-coded orange, red and green chart on electronic platform information signs show how crowded arriving trains are in a video on Sunday.

The chart shows rectangles corresponding with the incoming trains carriages with green showing the cars with the most seats available to red which indicate the car is full.

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The coloured charts on Sydney train platforms signs (above) show which cars on the incoming train are at high capacity

The screens also show when the next train will arrive, how many cars it has and its stops. 

The capacity chart is designed to let commuters choose less crowded carriages for their journey. 

Carriage capacity information is also available on TripView and Opal apps.

‘I didn’t know this, screens show the level of activity in each carriage,’ Mr Widjonarko said.

Capacity information is available at Waratah train stops and is measured using weight censors

Capacity information is available at Waratah train stops and is measured using weight censors 

Rail Express told Yahoo News the capacity information is only available at Waratah train stops, including the T1 North Shore and Western Lines, and is measured using weight sensors.

Commenters were amazed by the new information.

‘How have I never known this,’ one commenter wrote.

‘Really? I always thought it was showing you which carriage was closest to the exit,’ another said.


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