Thug, 20, shoots McDonald’s worker in the face after an argument over his mother’s cold fries

Thug, 20, shoots McDonald’s worker in the face after an argument over his mother’s cold fries: 23-year-old is left clinging to life

A 20-year-old thug shot a McDonald’s worker in the face after they got into an argument over his mother’s cold fries. 

The 23-year-old worker, who has not been named by police, is now clinging to life at Brookdale Hospital after being shot around 7pm on Monday. 

The shooter’s mother reportedly began hassling the employee over her cold fries while on FaceTime with her son, a source told the New York Post. 

Shortly after, the son stormed into the Fulton Street McDonald’s and began fighting with the employee. 

The source told the NYP the dispute was taken ‘outside,’ where the thug pulled out a gun and shot the 23-year-old in the head. 

Thick streams of bright red blood was seen pouring down the sidewalk as the employee laid unconscious on his back. 

A man cradled the young worker’s head as witnesses waited for authorities. 

The shooter is custody, according to the New York Post. No charges have been filed yet. 

A 23-year-old McDonald’s employee shot outside the store by a 20-year-old gunman on Monday

A local business owner told the Post she heard a ‘pop’ and ‘thought it was a firecracker’ when the gun went off. 

‘I was scared. That’s why I didn’t run to the scene. You don’t know who is around,’ she told the Post. When she came outside, she saw the young man laying on the ground. 

‘I feel like crying. You shot someone over French fries?’ 

Another witness wondered where the 20-year-old got the gun before calling Fulton Street the ‘craziest street.’ 

‘It’s getting worse, and the shooters are getting younger. They have lost their sense of direction,’ he told the Post. ‘It says something when a mother is with her son who is carrying a gun.’ 

The man also said there were two officers ‘at the corner all week,’ but they were not there at the time of the shooting. 

‘They should be at every single corner every day,’ he said. 

New York City has been experiencing a heightened sense of crime over the past few years since the pandemic began and guns – especially ghost guns – have become an increasing problem in the five boroughs. 

The Supreme Court recently struck down NYC’s gun laws last month, overturning a 108-year-old law that required New Yorkers to have a ‘proper cause’ to carry a concealed weapon.

The 6-3 ruling on Thursday reversed a lower court’s opinion, which had upheld the law restricting licenses to carry concealed weapons in public only to those demonstrating ‘proper cause.’

Justice Clarence Thomas delivered the majority opinion, writing that the New York law prevented law-abiding citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

New York is not alone in severely limiting who can get a license to carry a concealed weapon in public, and the new ruling will likely make it easier to legally carry a gun in major cities including Los Angeles, Boston and Baltimore.

Overall crime and robbery is up a shocking 39 percent. Rape and assault are also up 11 and 19 percent, respectively. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, 61, has promised New Yorkers time and time again that he will crack down on crime, and even ran his election campaign on it. 

A few weeks ago, he promised citizens again, stating: ‘We’re going to turn this crime thing around, and when we do so, people are going to really see the progress we’ve made in other parts of the city.’ 

He also went on to blame the city’s criminal justice system for the increase in violence.  

‘It is unfortunate the climate we’re working under … where the entire criminal-justice apparatus has turned away from the public and the rights of the public to live safe in their city,’ he said. ‘We took almost 3,800 guns off the streets, and many of the people who had carried those guns were able to return to the streets.’ 


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