UK is SIXTH in Europe when it comes to public charging points

The UK needs a boost when it comes to providing charging points for electric cars after it was found to be languishing in sixth place in a survey of European countries.

Britain is a long way behind the front runners the Netherlands, which is the top destination for ‘green’ drivers, according to a study by car finance company Carmoola.

The nation best known for its pedal power, has a total of 90,284 charging points – that’s around 242 for every 60 square miles of land.

In comparison, the UK currently offers drivers 16 chargers for every 60 square miles, or a total of 39,034 points. 

With around 381,163 electric motors on our roads that means there are ten cars for every charging point.

Luxembourg – just three hours south of Eindhoven – came second in the list with 69 points per 60 square miles.

The UK has 39,034 electric charging points to service around 381,163 electric vehicles

Other countries where you won’t ever be too far away from somewhere to stop and boost your battery are Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany, coming in third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Belgium is home to 45 points for every 60 square miles, while Switzerland has a total of 20 for the same area.

Germany, which boasts the biggest landmass, currently has 17 for every 60 square miles.

Austria (15 for every 60m2), Denmark (13), Italy (8) and Slovenia (6) completed the top ten.

While every European nation has more electric vehicles than charging points, the country where you are likely to wait the least amount of time is the Netherlands, where it equates to just three cars per point.

Overall, 23 countries were listed in the report, with Estonia, Finland and Latvia having the lowest number of chargers per 60 square miles.

Latvia and Estonia are the only countries where the average numbers of points per 60 miles square is less than one, 0.65 and 0.89 respectively.

The Netherlands hopes to have installed 200,000 electrical charging points by the year 2025 and the government’s current incentive plan makes the cost of owning an electric car around the same as having a petrol or diesel version.

The UK compares unfavourably with the Netherlands, which has 90,284 charging points

The UK compares unfavourably with the Netherlands, which has 90,284 charging points 

And by 2030 only emission-free vehicles will be able to be registered in the country.

Aidan Rushby, CEO of car financing app, Carmoola, which carried out the study, said: ‘EV technology is continually improving, which means they are more powerful in terms of speed, acceleration and mileage – perfect for driving in the city as well as longer journeys now.

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