USA Today faces backlash and deletes series of tweets which ‘normalizes’ pedophilia

USA Today faces backlash and deletes series of tweets which ‘normalize’ PEDOPHILIA by claiming it is ‘misunderstood’ and a condition ‘determined in the womb’

USA Today was forced to delete a series of tweets after the paper was blasted for  trying to ‘normalize’ pedophilia by saying it is ‘misunderstood’ and a condition ‘determined in the womb.’

On Monday, USA Today published an article by Alia E. Dastagir titled ‘What the public keeps getting wrong about pedophilia,’ where the national correspondent cited researchers who study pedophilia and say it is a misunderstood term that describes an attraction to minors, not an action.

The article also claimed that pedophilia is a condition that is developed in the womb.

‘Not all people who sexually abuse children are pedophiles,’ Dastagir wrote. ‘Some pedophiles never abuse children, experts say, and some people who sexually abuse children do not sexually prefer them, but use them as a surrogate for an adult partner. They may be disinhibited and anti-social, with impulse control problems.’ 

The article quoted James Cantor, a clinical psychologist, sex researcher and former editor-in-chief of Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment.

He told the reporter: ‘The evidence suggests it is inborn. It’s neurological. Pedophilia is the attraction to children, regardless of whether the (person) ever… harms.’ 

The story may have faded into print oblivion but USA Today promoted the article on Twitter on Tuesday in a thread with the caption: ‘We think we know what a pedophile is. There’s a lot we’re misunderstanding.’

The thread contained other tweets that were captioned with accompanying remarks from the piece. 

The tweets drew immediate backlash, especially from right-wing pundits – and even Donald Trump Jr. – claiming the newspaper was trying to ‘normalize’ pedophilia.

‘Ah, yes. Here we go with the liberal media celebrating and trying to normalize pedophilia. That’s right, folks. USA Today, trying to destigmatize…grown adults having sex with little kids,’ wrote Curtis Houck, a right-wing journalist and  self-described conservative millennial with a deep passion for analyzing the daily and long term impact of the news media, according to his LinkedIn page. 

The backlash forced the paper to change the title of the article to ‘The complicated research behind pedophilia’ and take down the original thread and start a new one with the updated article. 

The former president’s son quickly took aim with his own curse-filled outrage. 

 ‘The Internet is forever a**holes good try on the delete tho! USA TODAY TRIES TO “UNDERSTAND” PEDOPHILES!!! To me (and probably anyone who has been watching) this is nothing more than the first step of trying to normalize this kind of behavior.’ 

The Gannett-owned flagship paper decided to repost the story under a new thread later that day because important ‘context’ was missing from the original Twitter thread. 

‘A previous thread did not include all information and the story it was written about is behind a paywall. We made the decision to delete the thread,’ the paper tweeted. 

 But the damage had already been done. 

‘USA Today deleted this tweet and the accompanying thread after getting ratioed into oblivion. They are hardly the first to attempt to normalize pedophilia and won’t be the last,’ Washington Examiner reporter Jeremiah Poff tweeted. 


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