Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable sport franchise at a whopping $7.64BILLION

REVEALED: Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable sports franchise at a whopping $7.64BILLION, beating MLB’s New York Yankees by $630m… with SIXTEEN NFL clubs worth over $4bn!

An initial $150million purchase back in 1989 has produced a franchise worth more than $7.5billion for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

According to an analysis by Sportico, the Dallas Cowboys have once again been named the most valuable sports franchise in America. 

The report puts a value of $7.64billion on the Texas football team, putting them above not only every other NFL team – but over all other American sports teams.

Dallas’s closest competition is the New York Yankees, valued $630m lower than the Cowboys. 

Rounding out the top five in the NFL are the Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots, New York Giants, and San Francisco 49ers. 

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones can rest comfortably with the most valuable team in sports

Sportico’s reached its calculations through interviews with more than 30 bankers, lawyers, team executives, owners and consultants.

The publication also relied on public documents involved in the sport. 

Overall, the average NFL franchise is worth over $4bn, with 16 of the 32 league franchises surpassing that number. 

Comparatively, only four MLB franchises have a valuation above $4bn and only three NBA franchises are also within that range.

Rams owner Stan Kroenke won a Super Bowl - and finally passed the Patriots in value

Rams owner Stan Kroenke won a Super Bowl – and finally passed the Patriots in value

One team’s valuation is pending, but expected to be solidified next week, when the NFL owners gather in Minnesota to approve the sale of the Denver Broncos.

That deal will see Rob Walton pay $4.65bn for the mile high franchise, and will see the team’s value shoot up from $3.8bn Sportico pegged them at last year. 

The three clubs at the top of the list in the NFL have increased their revenue streams beyond sports.

The Cowboys, Rams, and Patriots all have highly valuable real estate businesses and developments. 

This years rankings are a special milestone for the Rams, as the defending Super Bowl champions were able to cross the $5bn threshold for the first time.

In that process, they were able to overtake the New England Patriots for the first time in Sportico’s valuation.

Robert Kraft's New England Patriots are no longer the second most valuable NFL franchise

Robert Kraft’s New England Patriots are no longer the second most valuable NFL franchise

As for the bottom of the league, only four franchises in the NFL have a projected value of less than $3bn.

That’s a massive improvement from back in 2020, when half the teams in the league made less than that mark.

In 2021, eleven teams were under the $3bn threshold.

The new league average value of $4bn may have seemed unattainable for most franchises back in 2020, when only four teams – the Cowboys, Patriots, Rams, and Giants – were able to hold that much value.

In 2021, those teams were joined by the San Francisco 49ers, the then-called Washington Football Team, the New York Jets, and the Chicago Bears in the $4bn club.


1. Dallas Cowboys ($7.64B)

2. Los Angeles Rams ($5.91B)

3. New England Patriots ($5.88B)

4. New York Giants ($5.73B)

5. San Francisco 49ers (5.18B)

6. Chicago Bears $5B

7. New York Jets $4.8B

8. Washington Commanders $4.78B

9. Philadelphia Eagles $4.7B

10. Denver Broncos $4.65B

11. Houston Texans $4.63B

12. Seattle Seahawks $4.385B

13. Pittsburgh Steelers $4.26B

14. Green Bay Packers $4.19B

15. Las Vegas Raiders $4.08B

16. Miami Dolphins $4.06B

17. Atlanta Falcons $3.88B

18. Minnesota Vikings $3.72B

19. Los Angeles Chargers $3.62B

20. Kansas City Chiefs $3.54B

21. Baltimore Ravens $3.435B

22. Carolina Panthers $3.36B

23. Tennessee Titans $3.29B

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers $3.28B

25. New Orleans Saints $3.26B

26. Indianapolis Colts $3.245B

27. Cleveland Browns $3.18B

28. Arizona Cardinals $3.165B

29. Buffalo Bills $2.99B

30. Jacksonville Jaguars $2.94B

31. Detroit Lions $2.86B

32. Cincinnati Bengals $2.84B

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